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Below is an online directory for district administration. The latest contact credentials can be found below (email, phone, position).

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The directory records are listed in alphabetical order, however you can utilize the filter tool as the list grows.  You can use one or more fields to filter against. Clear the fields to effectively reset the directory listings.

Name Position Phone Email
  Annette West Shipping/Receiving Clerk 250-748-0321, ext. 240 awest@sd79.bc.ca
  Betty Francisty Human Resources Administrative Assistant 250-748-0321, ext. 279 hrcupeusw@sd79.bc.ca
  Breanne Heslop Payroll and Benefits Manager 250-748-0321, ext. 211 bheslop@sd79.bc.ca
  Brenda Lee District Early Literacy Teacher 250-748-0321, ext. 320 blee@sd79.bc.ca
  Brian Branting Manager of Facilities 250-748-0338 bbranting@sd79.bc.ca
  Claire Spencer Human Resources Administrative Assistant 250-748-0321, ext. 223 hreducation@sd79.bc.ca
  CUPE/USW Dispatch CUPE Dispatch Clerk 250-709-3300 dispatch-cupe@sd79.bc.ca
  Debbie Mah Interim Assistant Superintendent (250) 748-0321 ext.247 dmah@sd79.bc.ca
  Denise Augustine Director of Aboriginal Education and Learner Engagement (250) 748-0321 ext.235 daugusti@sd79.bc.ca
  Denise Haley CUPE Dispatch Clerk 250-709-3300 dispatch-cupe@sd79.bc.ca
  Donna Whyte Receptionist/Receivables Clerk 250-748-0321, ext. 200 sboreceptionist@sd79.bc.ca
  Gina Kueber Executive Assistant to the Secretary Treasurer (250) 748-0321 ext.201 gkueber@sd79.bc.ca
  Glen Posey District Principal of Instruction (250) 748-0321 ex.230 gposey@sd79.bc.ca
  Iva Allen Resource Services Assistant, District Library & Resource Centre 250-748-0321, ext. 242 iallen@sd79.bc.ca
  Jason Sandquist Secretary Treasurer (250) 748-0321 ext.201 jsandqui@sd79.bc.ca
  Julie McClure TOC Dispatch Clerk 250-748-2141 dispatch-ed@sd79.bc.ca
  Karen Blow Assistant Secretary-Treasurer 250-748-0321, ext. 222 kblow@sd79.bc.ca
  Katie McLaughlin Communications and Community Engagement Specialist (250) 748-0321 ext 308 kmclaughlin@sd79.bc.ca
  Kerrie Bainbridge Accounting Clerk 250-748-0321, ext. 203 accountingclerk@sd79.bc.ca
  Kevin O’Donnell District Vice-Principal of International Programs (250) 746-0744 keodonne@sd79.bc.ca
  Larry Mattin District Principal of Careers 250-748-0321 lmattin@sd79.bc.ca
  Lisa Bronson Payroll - CUPE 250-748-0321, ext. 212 cupepayroll@sd79.bc.ca
  Lisa Read District Instructional Technology Coordinator (250) 748-0321 ext.281 ditc@sd79.bc.ca
  Liz Hollands-Gamble District Principal of International Programs (250) 746-0744 lgamble@sd79.bc.ca
  Nicole Brown TOC & USW Payroll 250-748-0321, ext. 234 nbrown@sd79.bc.ca
  Patti Doege Buyer 250-748-0321, ext. 229 pdoege@sd79.bc.ca
  Rhonda Hodgkin Accounting Clerk Assistant 250-748-0321, ext. 204 accountspayable@sd79.bc.ca
  Rod Allen Superintendent of Schools (250) 748-0321 ext.215 rallen@sd79.bc.ca
  Roma Medves Human Resources Manager (250) 748-0321 ext.221 rmedves@sd79.bc.ca
  Sandra Whiting MyEdBC Help Desk (250) 748-0321 ext.300 swhiting@sd79.bc.ca
  Sheryl Koers Assistant Superintendent (250) 748-0321 ext.247 skoers@sd79.bc.ca
  tba Administrative Secretary to the Assistant Superintendents (250) 748-0321 ext.226 education@sd79.bc.ca
  Tim Ylagan District Principal of Learning Support Services 250-748-0321 ext.227 tylagan@sd79.bc.ca
  TOC Dispatch TOC Dispatch Clerk 250-748-2141 dispatch-ed@sd79.bc.ca
  Tracy Jones Executive Assistant to the Superintendent (250) 748-0321 ext.215 tjones@sd79.bc.ca
  Vanessa Lysne Human Resources Officer - CUPE & USW 250-748-0321, ext. 270 vlysne@sd79.bc.ca
  Wayne Smiley Technology Services Help Desk (250) 748-0321 ext. 217 techservices@sd79.bc.ca