The Grove – Distributed Learning in SD 79!


Introducing the Grove, Cowichan Valley School District’s very own Distributed Learning School!

Did you know that the Cowichan Valley School District (SD 79) has a great Distributed Learning (DL) school? We have been here since 1999 learning and growing with you in the heart of the Cowichan Valley!

We are in the process of re-branding ourselves! Next year we will be called the Grove (CVDL), and we are really excited. With a new name comes many new programs and opportunities for our families. Stay tuned!

The Grove (CVDL) school offers a HUGE array of programs, such as:

  • K to 9 program runs both a blended learning DL program and a 100% learn at home program (both lead by BC certified subject specialist SD79 teachers)
  • Ten to 12 full time programs and a 10 to 12 cross enrollment programs
  • Dual credit opportunities (such as youth work or train in trades, work experience and courses at Vancouver Island University!)

Why come to the Grove (CVDL) for all your DL needs?

Here are just some of the reasons why you should consider the Grove (CVDL) for your learning needs:

  • We have a site location in the heart of Duncan (1033 Nagle street, across from the amazing Fishbowl CafĂ©);
  • We have a learning lab with computers and printer access open five days a week;
  • Our K to 9 program runs three blended learning classes each week;
  • Our K to 12 program joins in on many district activities;
  • We have a PAC;
  • All of our teachers are BC certified subject specialists who are seasoned DL teachers;
  • We have a full-time youth care worker on-site;
  • We have a learning resource teacher;
  • We have an academic advisor;
  • For our 10 to 12 program we offer continuous enrollment;
  • All our 10 to 12 students can get all the courses they need for graduation at CVDL;
  • We offer a full graduation ceremony each June, along with graduation pictures and scholarship opportunities; and
  • We offer both paper and online course options.

We are taking new registration for the 2018-2019 school year starting June 1st, 2018

Register online, then book an appointment to meet us and talk about the program in greater depth!

Here is the link to sign up:

Contact Us

Administration team:

Main office:

(250) 746-0277

1033 Nagle Street Duncan, BC, V9L 2E6

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