Adult Education


We are open from the last week of August until the end of June, and accept students on a continual basis, so when you are ready to return to school, we are ready for you!

To register, keep the following in mind:

  • You can only register in person.
  • You will need a piece of photo ID, i.e., driver’s licence, BC Card Card or birth certificate
  • For students who are wanting to graduate, the registration process will take roughly one and a half hours
  • Bring any proof of post-secondary courses completed
  • Those students who have graduated and are interested in upgrading a course, or courses, please allow a half hour for the registration process
  • While not all courses require use of a textbook, many do. Students who wish to sign out a textbook will be required to pay a $50.00 deposit, which is refunded when books are returned (textbooks are due at the end of the present school year). This one time $50.00 fee covers all textbooks a students wishes to sign out. It is also possible to sign out textbooks to use at our sites for day use only, returning the books before leaving the school (this does not require a deposit)