Students raise funds for Nourish Cowichan


Students raise $3,090 to support Nourish Cowichan

When children are passionate about an issue, magic can happen! This is what happened in Louise Thompson’s Grade 6/7 class at George Bonner Elementary, when her class looked into social justice issues around the globe. Shocking to the kids was the high child poverty rate in the Cowichan Valley—their home—and they knew they wanted to make a difference.

The class was told about the work of Nourish Cowichan, who has been working in some of our schools to help nourish children—and who continue to raise funds to expand the program. The kids in the class were very impacted by the number of kids just like them who went to school without breakfast every day. They spoke about the role everyone in the community plays in supporting kids, and they immediately began to brainstorm ideas for fundraising.

The class decided to team-up with Frances Kelsey Secondary, since most of the kids in the class would be attending the school shortly. They worked with the school’s Student Parliament and Me to We Club, with members Caelen Cook and Kayla Brent (who had already been working with the class), and decided to team up with them to run parallel Milkshake Day fundraisers at both schools.

At the same time, Caelen, Student Parliament Prime Minister at Frances Kelsey, came up with an idea for a March for Meals, which added greatly to the fundraising total. The Grade 6/7 class decided to donate the profits from their Junior Achievement businesses to Nourish Cowichan.

A total of $3,090 to help feed other children in the Cowichan Valley was donated to Nourish Cowichan from students. And, at the urging of the class, they are continuing to look for ways to support the program.

Congratulations to all of the students involved, and to teacher Louise Thompson for leading the way!

Pictured: Louise Thompson, Dina Holbrook, Caelan Cook, and Kayla Brent