A.B. Greenwell to be demolished


A.B. Greenwell school in Lake Cowichan is coming down. The school has been closed since February 2008 and has sat vacant for that time. Now, with provincial funding, the old building is to be demolished.

A.B. Greenwell school opened its doors in 1969 and served the Town of Lake Cowichan for 39-years, until 2008, when environmental conditions inside the school necessitated that students and staff be moved from there to Yount Elementary. In 2013 the school was officially closed and since that time the site has been vacant.

Recently the Board of Education was successful in applying for demolition funds from the Ministry of Education and Child Care. These funds have allowed the Board to contract Milner Group Ventures Inc. to remediate and demolish the old school. The school property is Crown Land and belongs to the Provincial Government and will be returned to their care after the site has been reclaimed.

The demolition is slated to conclude March 31, 2023 and final arrangements will be made with the Provincial Government at that time.