Board Proclaims Commitment to All-Nations Indigenous Education Council


On Wednesday, September 28, representatives from all Nations served by the Cowichan Valley School District joined the Board of Education for the formal inauguration of the Board All-Nation Indigenous Education Council and celebration of the signing of the Local Education Agreements (LEAs) and Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs).

Guests, Nations’ representatives and the Board were honoured to have the Tzinquaw dancers open the ceremony before formalities took place. In addition to the celebration of the inauguration and LEA and MOU signings, Board Chair, Candace Spilsbury read and signed a proclamation, announcing the Board’s commitment to the All-Nations Indigenous Education Council.

“Formalizing our unwavering commitment to Indigenous communities through this proclamation lays out our support for our continued government-to-government working relationship for the benefit of Indigenous learners throughout our district,” said Candace Spilsbury, Chair of the Board of Education for the Cowichan Valley School District.

The Board All-Nations Indigenous Education Council will work together to navigate the education system on behalf of Indigenous learners throughout the district. The LEAs and MOUs are guiding documents that define relationship and expectations between the Nations and the Board of Education regarding education for Indigenous students.