Survey – Navigating Inclusion Support in the Cowichan Valley

Charting the Journey – Navigating Inclusion Support in the Cowichan Valley
The Cowichan Valley School District is reaching out to families, friends, advocates, and partner groups who support learners with disabilities or diverse abilities to inform district communication processes.
Feedback from parents has led the district to carefully look at how we communicate with those that support learners with disabilities and diverse abilities. Current access to this information may cause confusion, frustration, and stress for families.
To that end, the District is launching a survey for anyone who currently, or may need to, navigate the District system for their diverse learner. The goal of this survey is to find out how to best provide accurate, timely, and factual information in an accessible manner.
“It is of utmost importance that families, friends, advocates, and partners are able to find information to navigate these District systems for their learner with disabilities and diverse abilities in a way that alleviates stress and provides the information that will help. Our District offers supports for diverse learners including Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathologists, Psychologists and a myriad of Educational Assistants. Our well-rounded team of professionals all come together to help diverse learners find their own successes,” said Cathy Schmidt, Chair of the Board of Education for the Cowichan Valley School District.
The survey can be found on the Cowichan Valley School District’s social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) accounts as well as website ( If you do not have access to a computer, hard copy surveys can be printed for you at your school. Survey responses will be collected until Sunday, May 14, 2023.
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