Jeunes Entrepreneurs – École Mount Prevost


Students from École Mount Prevost threw off warnings from economists and business analysts and opened a flurry of successful small businesses last week during their Jeunes Entrepreneurs showcase. ⁣

The two classes of grade 5 students have been researching all aspects of business as they worked their way through the development and opening of their chosen business. Weeks of market analysis, banking, advertising, and creating their products paid off when the doors of the school gymnasium were opened to the rest of the school. From bracelets, to strawberry plants, gnome houses to sketch books, the students created a huge assortment of items to sell. ⁣

These young entrepreneurs were not just content to pocket their profits and leave either. Each new business was donating at least 10% of their profits to a cause of their choosing and giving back to their community. ⁣

Merci to our jeunes entrepreneurs for their creativity and passion!⁣