Legal Opinion on the Removal of the Cowichan Trustees


June 28, 2012

At the June 20th 2012 regular open meeting, the Board of Education SD #79 Cowichan carried a motion to seek a legal opinion on the legitimacy of the removal of the elected board by the Minister of Education.

Moved: The Board of Education SD 79 seeks a legal opinion regarding the legitimacy of the removal of the elected board by the provincial government.

It seemed prudent to turn over every possibility. Though boards have in the past been fired for failing to submit a balanced budget, no one has actually challenged this practice.

We received a response from the legal firm we hired to perform this research today, June 28th 2012.

It is our hope this document (find attached) will supply us with the means to seek reinstatement as the weight of a balanced budget does not appear to exceed in law the obligation to provide equal access for all students to quality learning opportunities and success.

Individual trustees will now proceed to follow up this opinion with action.

For more information, please contact Board Chair Eden Haythornthwaite at 250-709-7975.


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Eden Haythornthwaite, Board Chair, 250-709-7975
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