National Day for Truth and Reconciliation


Even though schools are closed today for the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation, this past week has held important time for learning, reflection, and action on this important journey.

The week started with an Indigenous learning focused Non-Instructional day with opportunities for staff, as well as for students, families and the broader community to come together and reflect. Over the week, events at each school have focused on the journey of reconciliation and creating actions that move this conversation forward.

Wednesday saw all-Nations join with the Board of Education for the Cowichan Valley School District in a celebration of the signing of the Local Education Agreements (LEAs) and Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs). These agreements lay out the government-to-government relationships that support the learning of Indigenous students throughout the district. Additionally, this day was the inauguration of the Board All-Nations Indigenous Education Council, which is the council that will oversee these important conversations.

We hope that you are able to take the time to reflect on your own reconciliation journey today, and in the future, and work towards understanding the truth of Canada’s past, while holding hope for a powerful future for all.