Distance Learning Virtual Classroom

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The DLVC helps keep ideas flowing by connecting online through intentional communities.     


In a time when so much learning has gone online and connecting with others is hard, the Distance Learning Virtual Classroom (DLVC) creates a community of learners so all are supported in their journey.

The DLVC program helps learners who seek choice and independence keep pace with their peers without losing connection to a school community. That means they can safely learn from home without learning alone.

“My favourite part about distance learning is the morning Zoom meetings when I see my friends and learn something new every day. My teacher, Ms. V, was super nice and funny- she told us lots of jokes during our zoom classes. She also assigned us to a chat where we could message her if we had a question and she would respond instantly. Ms. V asked us what our goal was during the year and I wanted to learn cursive writing. One week we got sheets to practice cursive! I also really enjoyed the art assignments and I did them with my little brother- he can’t draw but he scribbled with different colours. And the best part is that I could do my assignments in my PJ’s! So comfortable! – Aizah – DLVC Student

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Our teachers collaborate regularly to ensure we meet the needs of our learners. Our Virtual Classroom teachers intentionally connect classes together as a school to help foster a positive school community.

Our program focuses on connection and community while offering a flexible option for independent learning.

The intentional creation of an online community supports students and their families.

“Distance learning has worked extremely well for our family during the pandemic. Even though it was a new set-up, we noted the excellent collaboration between the administration and teachers to provide a smooth and well- organized transition for students into the virtual method of learning. The daily zoom meetings really allow a relationship to foster between the teacher and the students. The students even made friends among one another and I can see how excited my daughter is to attend her virtual class in the mornings. The assignments cover all the subjects with extra optional work given to complete for more practice. Our experience with our daughter’s virtual teacher has been wonderful and Camila, the District Vice Principal of Distance Learning, is an absolute gem and provides incredible support for parents.” – Hina – DLVC Parent

More information can be found in our DLVC brochure

If you would like to talk to someone about the Distance Learning Virtual Classroom Program, you can contact District Vice-Principal Camila Bhandari at carscott@sd79.bc.ca

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