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Inquisitive Design and Technology Program


Inquisitive Design and Technology Program

The Inquisitive Design and Technology Program offers students from grade four to seven the opportunity to learn through investigations supported by effective use of technology. The philosophy of the program is one where students focus on developing solutions to real world problems that are meaningful to them and related to the curriculum.  Students will build skills in creative and critical thinking, collaborating in groups and making connections with experts in the community. Learning opportunities will be enhanced by the infusion of technologies that redefine when and how learning takes place.

Students will work at a distance from their school classroom approximately 50% of the time. Students participating in this program will need to have access to a 2018 or newer iPad or similar.  Those students without this technology will be provided an iPad, on loan, that is setup and monitored by the School District’s Instructional Technology Services Team.

One of the frameworks informing our practice in this program can be found here


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Q & A

How much time will my child spend at the school or participating in activities with the class?

  • Students will be in a classroom or group setting approximatel 50% of the time.This may be 2 days one week and three days next within their classroom, some combination and/or include off school grounds field trips.  This is to be determined by the building Principal and Teacher.

How many IDT blended model classrooms will be offered?

  • Presently, there will be two blended classrooms offered. One at Lake Cowichan School and one at Drinkwater Elementary.

What grade levels will be in the classroom?

  • The classroom will be multi-graded 4-7.

What might a typical day look like?

  • In general terms, students will move between working on key skills in curricular areas such as language arts, math, science, physical wellness, and inquiry into real world challenges.Foundational competencies remain at the fore front, but are woven into the inquiry, design and problem solving processes.

How much interaction will there be with the rest of the school?

  • There will be limited interaction by this classroom with the rest of the school.