Inquisitive Design & Technology

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The IDT Program helps create community changemakers and analytical problem solvers.


In a time when we face real problems in our world, the Inquisitive Design and Technology Program (IDT) helps learners create positive change in their communities.

The IDT program helps independent and creative learners find solutions to real problems, faced by real people throughout our community without having to attend class full time. That allows our families time to interact with experts in order to create lasting change in our world.

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Riley Morris is changing lives one day at a time by building and donating birdhouses to seniors to help with their loneliness during the pandemic. Riley is a current student in the Inquisitive Design and Technology Program.

The IDT program offers student learning experiences through an inquiry model with a focus on big ideas and processes that create real world solutions to challenges that will have positive impacts on their community. The learning framework is known as Challenge Based Learning (CBL) and it helps learners gain deep subject area knowledge while building the skills necessary to thrive in an ever-changing world.

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Learn how Challenged Based Learning is structured:

Challenge Based Learning Circle.

More information on this framework can be found here

We work tirelessly to support students in developing their solutions. Teachers facilitate connections to community experts who are able to share their lived experiences and provide important context.

We develop 21st century skills that leverage technology to support flexible thinking, collaboration, creativity, design thinking and a commitment to accuracy. These are fundamental to the program. To support these skills, students are assigned a dedicated computing device through which they have access to online resources, tools, data and community experts as needed.

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If you would like to talk to someone about the Inquisitive Design and Technology Program, please contact Glen Posey, District Principal of Instruction and Innovation at

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Challenge Based Classrooms can be found throughout the Cowichan Valley School District. The full-time class programs work on the same principles as our IDT program. See these classes in action:



Inquisitive Design and Technology Q & A

How much time will my child spend at the school or participating in activities with the class?

  • Students will be in a classroom or group setting approximately 50% of the time.This may be 2 days one week and three days next within their classroom, some combination and/or include off school grounds field trips.  This is to be determined by the building Principal and Teacher.

How many IDT blended model classrooms will be offered?

  • Currently we have one IDT blended class at Drinkwater Elementary.

What grade levels will be in the classroom?

  • The classroom will be multi-graded 4-7.

What might a typical day look like?

  • In general terms, students will move between working on key skills in curricular areas such as language arts, math, science, physical wellness, and inquiry into real world challenges.Foundational competencies remain at the fore front, but are woven into the inquiry, design and problem solving processes.

How much interaction will there be with the rest of the school?

  • There will be limited interaction by this classroom with the rest of the school.