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The Swallowtail Program deeply connects families and students to each other and nature.


At a time when schooling has had to adapt to the constant pressures of change, the Swallowtail Blended program has continued to connect homeschooling students deeply to their learning, to the natural world around them, and to each other, so they can champion environmental stewardship.

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The Swallowtail program helps inquisitive learners connect with the natural world around them while exploring their interests. They get to do this without the structures of a school day so they can foster a genuine connection between teachers, children and the natural world.

“It’s been a great opportunity for my son to be around other kids in a setting where he can be a kid, be wild and free, explore, create and learn naturally.” – Swallowtail Parent

This multi-aged blended home school program is located on a 17-acre farm in the Cowichan Station. Here, learners are at home in the fields, forest, and near the river while they learn from a BC-certified teacher. With a focus on using real hands-on learning, imaginative play and experiential learning as our curriculum, Swallowtail students excel at building close connections to all they encounter.

Two young students sit by a campfire

Learners attend in person one – two days a week and families are supported by their teacher while their child(ren) learn from home on the remaining days.

We are joined together to create a collective learning environment for our children that inspires them; that provides opportunities to learn based on their interests and is connected with nature. Our fundamental values are rooted in attachment theory, and fostering a genuine connection between teachers, mentors and children. Our program develops a caring community where children have a voice and take care of each other and the environment.

” Kids who like to play games will love it! You learn a lot about nature – it’s fun and educational.” – Swallowtail Student

More information can be found in our Swallowtail Brochure

If you would like to talk to someone about the Swallowtail program, you can contact The Grove at grovesecretary@sd79.bc.ca or 250-746-0277 or visit the Grove’s webpage

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