District Regulations


Communicating Student Learning K to 9
District Regulations

 The goal of this regulation to is to enhance and improve the reporting/communicating process so that parents/guardians have a clear picture of their child as a learner, a window into their child’s educational experience, and an increased ability to support their child. In this way, reporting aligns with the curriculum and instruction, enables communication, and clarifies supports for students. We are endeavouring to ensure parents are well informed about their children’s progress.

District Regulations are based on Ministerial Policy – Interim Student Reporting Guidelines (Schedule 2).

District Regulations:

  • Parents/guardians will receive communication about their child’s learning a minimum of five times during a school year.
  • Communicating will move from a focus on formal and informal reports, to communications that are timely and responsive throughout the year.
  • Communications will provide information about students’ progress in relation to each of the areas of study.
  • At the end of the school year parents/guardians will receive a final written summative report on a district template.
  • If a child moves out of the school or district, parents/guardians will receive a final written summative report.
  • Summative report will use descriptive written comments that address the student’s progress in relation to each of the areas of study.
  • The final written summative report also includes the requirement for a student self-assessment of the Core Competencies (Communication, Thinking, and Personal and Social), completed with the support and guidance of the teacher when needed or appropriate.

 Please note: the term ‘report’ and ‘communication’ are interchangeable.

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