Please find below a variety of numeracy links to help foster your learners' confidence and joy of numeracy.

BC Numeracy Resources

BC Curriculum

BC Numeracy Network

BC Association of Teachers of Mathematics

SD71 Math Resources


Online Suggested Math Resources – K-12 (Click here for more in-depth resources.)

Archimedes Laboratory – math puzzles

Nat Banting – classroom resources and blog

Jo Boaler – Youcubed – many resources for all levels

Build Math Minds – classroom resources

Canadian Math Trail

Clothesline Math – number sense activities

Counting Collections

Desmos – Graph functions, plot data, evaluate equations, explore transformations

Estimation 180

Figure This – math challenges for families

FNESC: Teaching Mathematics in a First Peoples Context

Five Principles for Supporting Literacy and Cultural Awareness in Mathematics:

First Peoples Principles of Learning Implications for Mathematics Classrooms

Graham Fletcher – classroom resources

Guided Math – a framework for instruction

Inquiry-based Math

Inside Mathematics – classroom resources

Interactive Mathematics – interactive puzzles

Robert Kaplinsky – This site outlines different depth of knowledge questions and has links to real world problems and lessons

Khan Academy – instructional videos and exercises

Learn Zillion – instructional videos and exercises

Peter Lijedahl – problem solving on vertical non-permanent surfaces

Math for Love – classroom resources

Math is Visual

Math Site for Students

Mathwire – classroom activities

Mathematical Thinking – instructional resources

Dan Meyer – instructional resources – three-act tasks

Math Visuals

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Fawn Nguyen – instructional resources

NRICH – source of rich problems

Number Talks – powerful number sense routines explained

Open Middle – source of open problems

Paper Models

Power of Ten – Trevor Calkins materials

Problem of the Week

Tap in to Teen Minds – instructional resources

Virtual Manipulatives

Which One Doesn’t Belong – visual math reasoning

Would you Rather – situations to justify reasoning

Steve Wyborney – instructional resources

Tracy Zager – author of Becoming the Math Teacher You Wish You Had