Please find below a variety of numeracy links to help foster your learners' confidence and joy of numeracy.

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BC Numeracy Resources

BC Curriculum

BC Numeracy Network

Welcome to Math 2020 – Kindergarten

Welcome to Math 2020 – Grade 1-3

Welcome to Math 2020 – Grade 4-7

BC Association of Teachers of Mathematics

SD71 Math Resources


Online Suggested Math Resources – K-12 (Click here for more in-depth resources.)

Archimedes Laboratory – math puzzles

Nat Banting – classroom resources and blog

Jo Boaler – Youcubed – many resources for all levels

Build Math Minds – classroom resources

Canadian Math Trail

Clothesline Math – number sense activities

Counting Collections

Desmos – Graph functions, plot data, evaluate equations, explore transformations

Estimation 180

Figure This – math challenges for families

FNESC: Teaching Mathematics in a First Peoples Context

Five Principles for Supporting Literacy and Cultural Awareness in Mathematics:

First Peoples Principles of Learning Implications for Mathematics Classrooms

Gizmos – Library of Math and Science simulations

Graham Fletcher – classroom resources

Guided Math – a framework for instruction

Inquiry-based Math

Inside Mathematics – classroom resources

Interactive Mathematics – interactive puzzles

Robert Kaplinsky – This site outlines different depth of knowledge questions and has links to real world problems and lessons

Khan Academy – instructional videos and exercises

Learn Zillion – instructional videos and exercises

Peter Lijedahl – problem solving on vertical non-permanent surfaces

Math for Love – classroom resources

Math is Visual

Math Site for Students

Mathwire – classroom activities

Mathematical Thinking – instructional resources

Dan Meyer – instructional resources – three-act tasks

Math Visuals

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Fawn Nguyen – instructional resources

NRICH – source of rich problems

Number Talks – powerful number sense routines explained

Open Middle – source of open problems

Paper Models

Power of Ten – Trevor Calkins materials

Problem of the Week

Tap in to Teen Minds – instructional resources

Virtual Manipulatives

Another Virtual Manipulatives site

Which One Doesn’t Belong – visual math reasoning

Would you Rather – situations to justify reasoning

Steve Wyborney – instructional resources

Tracy Zager – author of Becoming the Math Teacher You Wish You Had