Rental FAQs


Below is a list of frequently asked rental questions. Contact the rental coordinator for more information.

1. What times are facilities available?

Gym rental start times vary, but the earliest start time is 5:00 pm. If any facility covered by the Contract is required for School District purposes for all or part of the same time covered by the Contract, the Renter will make the facility available to the School District.

2. Will I need a key to get into the building?

School District Custodians work evening shifts and have up to date facilities usage calendars. They will meet the group representative at the main entrance doors to let them in.

Alexander Elementary has a detached gym so keys may be issued for this site. Keys can be picked up from the Operations Department and a $40 deposit must be placed.

3. Can I rent on a weekend?

Yes, we rent our facilities on weekends. Our policy states that a School District employee must be on the premises so user groups are financially responsible for employee call-out charges for the supervision required.

4. Can we host an event with alcohol?
No. Alcoholic Beverages are prohibited anywhere on School District property as indicated by Cowichan Valley School District’s Administrative Procedure #163.

5. Do you have tables and/or chairs we can use?
The School District has tables and chairs available for rent depending on availability at the time of request. Service charges for set-up/take-down may apply.