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2019-2020 Routes


These routes are posted for planning purposes.  Route times are always changing due to fluctuations in student ridership.  Parents/Guardians must confirm actual stop times via ELink.

Students are ONLY permitted to ride routes they are registered to.

Some routes are designed to transfer students to accommodate ‘Out of Catchment’ and ‘Program Schools’ as best we can.

Please contact our Registration Clerk if you have further inquiries.


***SERVICE NOTIFICATION – November 8, 2019

The following routes have full ridership and waitlists for service:

AM20A, AM 21A, AM22A (Service to Chemainus Elementary & Secondary from Crofton and Chemainus)

PM21B, PM26B, PM32B (Service from Chemainus Elementary & Secondary to Chemainus & Crofton)

PM26C (Cowichan Secondary to Truesdale Road & Ecole Mt. Prevost)


AM Frances Kelsey Depot

PM Frances Kelsey Depot


AM Duncan Depot

PM Duncan Depot


AM Lake Cowichan Depot

PM Lake Cowichan Depot