District / Authority Scholarship Criteria


Below is the District / Authority Scholarship Criteria

Demonstrated superior achievement in non-academic area of study
  • Substantial evidence, portfolio, or body of work
  • Superior level of ability
  • Keen interest
  • Formal training
Demonstrated commitment to their non-academic area of study
  • Represents 100+ hours beyond ‘regular’ class time over the course of years, and/or
  • Represents 60+ hours in grade 12 beyond ‘regular’ class time
  • Clearly articulated motivation for pursuing area of interest
  • Evidence shows achievement both in school and in community
  • And Plans to continue
Demonstrated plan for the future
  • Has a clearly articulated post secondary plan
  • Able to connect area of excellence to future goals/education
  • Area of Excellence will play a role in student’s future
Demonstrated evidence of citizenship
  • Evidence of volunteering in school or community
  • Evidence of initiative, leadership, positive mindset
  • Evidence of citizenship awards, letters of recommendation, community awards