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Students attending schools within their catchment area and living beyond the established walk limits are eligible for bus service. The established walk limits are: 2.0 km for students attending Elementary Schools/3.5 km for students attending Secondary Schools. Transportation for students attending school of choice (out of catchment) or program of choice (French Immersion) or living within the walk limits are all referred to as Courtesy Rider and may be granted riding privileges provided there is space available on existing routes. Routes will not be altered to service courtesy riders. Students considered a courtesy rider will be prioritized on a furthest distance basis and ridership will not be confirmed until October 1st after routes and loads have been established.

Please ensure your child(ren) is at the AM bus stop 5 minutes (10 minutes in September) prior to the time indicated as many circumstances (traffic, traffic lights, accidents, road closures, load sizes, etc.) will effect the bus times. Please check with e-Link often during the school year as times will change if/when adjustments are made.

Remember that students must ride the buses they are assigned to in order to avoid overload situations. If you are unsure what bus your child is assigned to please see the e-Link routing instructions and use the e-Link program or call our office at 250.748.1066.



In accordance with Motor Vehicle Act regulations, school bus drivers are limited in items they can safely transport.  Please see this document for more information.


Please call the Registration Clerk to make arrangement to pick up lost and found items.


February 9, 2021 Family Safety Plan