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AP 301 – Student Registration, Enrollment and Placement

AP 351 – Student Conduct on School Buses

AP 560 – District Transportation Services

AP 561 – Transportation for Students with Special Needs

AP 562 – Transportation of Students – Travel for Field Trips and Extracurricular Trips

Policy 19 – School District Transportation Services

What Can I Carry on the School Bus?



May is Transportation Registration month.

  • Online Registration for the next school year is open annually from May 1st until May 31st and must be completed each year busing is required.
  • Please follow the link for Online Registration 2023-24 (a student number is required, please obtain from the school). Paper copy forms will be available here May 1st.
  • Any students new to district (including Kindergarten) must submit an electronic photo (in jpeg format), and Student ID number. Photos without a student ID will not be processed. Email photos (in jpeg format) to
  • Once registered, Parents/Guardians will receive an email mid-August indicating registration is complete and information for accessing routing and bus passes will be provided at that time.
  • If you have any informational changes at any time, please use a Change of Information Form.

Parents may register their child using a home address and an alternate address providing the alternate is due to parental custody or elementary student daycare needs only. The Transportation Department will not offer busing to students going home with other students, attending after school events or other after school functions. Bus drivers will have a passenger list to verify registered riders. All students must ride the bus they are assigned to, produce a valid bus pass, and scan on and off their bus each time. Please refer to the School Bus Code of Conduct for other important information regarding ridership. There is no fee for your first bus pass.



Please ensure your child(ren) is at the AM bus stop 5 minutes (10 minutes in September) prior to the time indicated as many circumstances (traffic, traffic lights, accidents, road closures, load sizes, etc.) will effect the bus times. Your child(ren)’s routing information can be accessed via:



A photo bus pass will be printed for each student once ridership has been approved there is no fee for the initial bus pass.

Replacement fee for lost and altered passes is $10.00. Payment can be made for replacement passes via e-transfer to or by credit card at 250-748-1066 ext 276

NOTE: Purchasing a bus pass does not register your student. You much register first, please see above. Please do not send money if your student is not registered for the bus.



Please ensure there are 10 teaching days notice for each request. Fax completed form to



In accordance with Motor Vehicle Act regulations, school bus drivers are limited in items they can safely transport. Please see this document for more information.



Please call the Registration Clerk to make arrangement to pick up lost and found items.



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