Bus Routes are Available via our E-Link Website

NOTE: Routing information for the upcoming 2017/2018 school year will be available mid August.

Bus schedules for your child(ren) can now be found online through a program called e-Link.

If you have not heard of or have not yet accessed e-Link this is a program for the parent/guardian to view their children’s bus information online. Please click¬†e-Link instructions for directions on how to use the program. You will see route information for your child(ren) only. We encourage you to use the new program and to check that the information we have on file is up-to-date and correct. If there is information that needs updating please contact us.

Please ensure your child(ren) is at the AM bus stop five minutes prior to the time indicated as many circumstances (traffic, traffic lights, accidents, road closures, load sizes, etc.) will effect the bus times. Please check with e-Link often during the school year as times will change if/when adjustments are made.

Routes will be setup during the summer months based on registrations received between May 3 -30.  Please remember that students must ride the buses they are assigned to in order to avoid overload situations. If you are unsure what bus your child is assigned to please use the e-Link program or call our office at 250.748.1066.