Student Registration


The Registration Process

Register online for a catchment school or district program

For registration at any grade level you will need to contact your catchment school. You will be required to complete a standard registration package for each child. These forms are available at your school, may be completed online, click here for online form, or you can download a copy of the registration package here. Please note: There may be other forms to fill in at the school.

In addition to completing this form, you need to provide the following online or at the school:

  • Original proof of child’s age (i.e. Birth Certificate, Passport, Certificate of Citizenship, Immigration Canada documentation, Permanent Resident Card, INAC Status Card); AND
  • Proof of residence (i.e. Driver’s license, utility bill, home purchase/rental agreement)

Any students without Canadian documents and/or proof of BC residency will be redirected to the Principal of International Education at Cowichan Secondary School.

Catchment School

To learn what your catchment school is and to obtain school contact information please use the School Locator tool.

Simply type in your street name and follow the instructions.

For Registrations When Schools Are Closed, Including Over The Summer:

Please visit you catchment school during the last week of August to register. You can download a copy of the registration package from the district web site prior to going to the school, or fill in a package when you visit the school.

Out of Catchment Requests:

The Cowichan Valley School District provides equal and exceptional learning opportunities throughout every school in our District. While each unique school fosters its own community and culture, the quality of educational opportunities is consistent throughout.

Parents are encouraged to enroll their child(ren) in their catchment school. While the District supports choice in school attendance, it is not always possible to facilitate every request. A school is only able to enroll out of catchment students if there is sufficient space and resources to facilitate the new student(s).

Applications will be accepted January 1st for the September school start to the end of the first week in September. Once space and resource availability have been determined, out of catchment requests will then be considered.  Where there is significant enrolment pressure in a catchment, the Superintendent may entirely close a catchment to non-catchment applications.

Out of catchment applications will be placed on a waiting list and reviewed in June, and again in the first week of school (September). Parents will be advised whether or not space is available in the requested school between June 1st and the second week of school in September. All out of catchment students should also be registered in their catchment school, while they wait to hear the outcome of their request.

All out of catchment students who have been accepted into a school may be required to reapply for placement on an annual basis. Being accepted does not guarantee a space for the following years. You may be asked to return to your catchment school if in catchment enrolment exceeds available space.

Students who transfer into a school after September 30 of any school year, will be considered temporary until June 30 and will be required to go back to their catchment school for the following September.

Current information about the cross boundary transfer process is stated in Administrative Procedure 301.