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Technology Tutorials


Or TechTutes, for short-- check here for quick clips and how to's

Here are a collection of tutorials from Apps to Zoom.  And I will take requests…

Moodle Movies:

Getting Started creating a class

Logging in

Student view


O365 Teams with a Team — These are clips from a bigger session, broken down into the main points

Types of Teams

Setting up Class Notebook

Adding Students to Teams

Assignments and Wikis in Teams

File Hierarchy in Teams

Fun Stuff in Teams

Visit this page to find links to updating or changing  and managing your password

Improve your Outlook!

How  Create a Contact List-Outlook


Using iMovie to create a read-aloud

Stop Motion Animator

Adding Screen Record to iPad

Use Sketches School and Screen record to make an (almost) infinite whiteboard

Zoom (this needs a section of its own)

Getting started/Recording a Zoom Call

Zoom on iPad or LapTop?

Backgrounds in Zoom– how to and why?

Teching Tuesday sessions.

Edited recordings of Sessions will be available for a short time. See descriptions below:


  • iPad 101A— what’s new in iOS, and what’s coming. What are some of the hidden features you don’t even know were there… because hidden…. (January 26, 2021)
  • iPad 101B— what’s the apps? Let’s do an inventory on what apps are included with every iPad, which apps we supply, and why, and how you can test, recommend and request apps (February 2, 2021)
  • O365— getting your learners logged in and ready to roll, managing passwords, sharing and more. (February 9, 2021)
  • Teams— getting the Most out the Teams environment — strategies, benefits and avoiding pitfalls. (February 16, 2021)
  • Class Notebook— Just NoteBook as a standalone, and NoteBook/Class Notebook as part of the Teams environment. (February 23, 2021)
  • O365-Second steps— an overview of the whole O365 suite— how the apps interact, what cloud storage provides, the difference between SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams and OutLook as Collaborative environments.  (March 2, 2021)

Scroll through Session 1:  iPad 101–to find:  includes Settings, Apple ID, Accessibility features, Control centre, managing apps and screens, using the split screen feature, text-to-speech, sharing, and O365 password reset. Click to open

Session Two: iPad 102–Core apps, integration, self serve store and highlights of my faves Click here

Session Three: O365 Getting StartedClick Here!

Session Four: All things Teams–No recording, sorry– but get in touch if you want a demo!

Session Five: NoteBook, OneNote, ClassNotebook– Coming Soon