Office 365 Cowichan Valley Staff


SD79 Staff – Office 365 Tools

Below is the list of tools that are available to all staff users in the Cowichan Valley School District. Access is through your District assigned account “”. Before accessing the service contact your site Principal for instructions on how to reset your password.

Available tools:

  • Word Online
  • Excel Online
  • PowerPoint Online
  • OneNote Online
  • Class Notebook Online
  • OneDrive
  • SharePoint Sites
  • Outlook (Coming Soon)
  • Teams

The following tools are also available, but do not wholly reside in the Canadian data centre and therefore are not FOIPPA compliant if Personally Identifiable Information (PII) about students is included during their use.

Privacy Alert – content is stored outside of Canada, do not include PII information related to students, families or other staff when using.

  • Forms
  • Stream (like YouTube)
  • Sway

Setting Up Office 365 for all Staff and Students

Password Reset Procedures Office 365 PDF

Password Reset Procedures Office 365 Video

Resource Links

Microsoft Office 365 Training Centre

Creating Forms

Microsoft Education Site

Email Setup for iPad and iPhone


  1. Go to settings and locate Passwords and Accounts

2. Click on Add Account

3. Select Microsoft Exchange

4. Enter your email address and name the account SD79 Mail Exchange

5. Tap Sign In – This will take you to where you login with your Office 365 Password. If prompted, select Work or School account and not personal.

Once logged in ensure all your settings are turned on and save the setup.  You are now good to go!