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District Forms


Forms for school and employee use are listed below and cross-referenced in the Administrative Procedures.

General Administration

Form 151-1 Student Information Media Release

Form 152 Working Together Brochure

Form 171-01 District Threat Violence Report

Form 172-1 Bullying and Harassment Report

Instructional Programs and Materials

Form 260-01 2-4 day Educational Trips

Form 260-02 5 day Educational Trips

Form 260-03 Out of Province Educational Trips

Form 260-04 High Risk Educational Trips

Form 260-05 Consent and Waiver


Registration Forms:

Form 301 K-12 Student Registration (pdf)

Form 301 K-12 Student Registration (fillable)

Form 301-02 Indigenous Education Student Identification/Consent

Form 301-03 Dismissal of Students for Emergencies

Form 301-04 Walking Tours

Form 316 Student Health Questionnaire

Form 301-08 Out of Catchment

Transportation Forms:

Form 301-05 Online Bus Registration

Form 301-05 Paper Bus Registration

Kindergarten Forms:

Form 301-09 Getting Acquainted Kindergarten Survey

Physical Literacy

Welcome to Kindergarten Brochure

Follow Up Health Forms:

Form 316-01 Request for Administration of Physician Prescribed Medication

Form 316-02 Self-Administered Medication

Form 316-03 Asthma Care Plan

Form 316-04 Seizure Follow-Up

Form 316-05 Food Allergy

Form 316-06 Insect Allergy

Form 316-07 Recurrent Syncope (Fainting) Episodes

Form 316-08 Diabetes Care Plan

Form 317-01 Anaphylactic – Life Threatening Allergy Plan

Student Suspensions:

Form 355 Student Suspension

Student Suspension Letter Template


Personnel and Employee Relations

Human Resources – Timesheets and Forms

Indoor Air Quality Complaint Form

Form 490-01 Volunteer Registration

Business Administration

Form 512-01 Petty Cash Claim

Petty Cash Voucher

Form 513-01 Travel and Expense Claim

Form 515-01 Cheque Requisition

Form 530-01 Workers Report of Injury or Occupational Disease

P-Card Reconciliation

P-Card / Expense Claim Food Receipt – Excel

P-Card / Expense Claim Food Receipt – PDF

P-Card Lost Receipt

Kilometerage Claim – Excel

Kilometerage Claim – PDF

Kilometerage Chart

Memorandum of Coverage – Blanket Policy

Equipment Borrowing