The Grove Nature Collective


Nature Collective (formerly known as Swallowtail)

A little bit about us…

The Grove Nature Collective helps inquisitive learners connect with nature while exploring their interests. This is a blended program where students spend one to two days a week on 400 acres, learners are outside in nature on Providence Farm. With a focus on using place-based, experiential learning, and imaginative play as our curriculum, our students excel at building close connections to all they encounter. Our fundamental values are student-centred, rooted in attachment theory, and foster a genuine connection between teachers, parents, mentors, and children. Our program creates a caring environment where children have a voice and take care of each other and the environment.

Our program is led by BC Certified teachers who provide families with resources and instructional support. Students, teachers and families work together to create personalized programs that follow the BC curriculum. This personalization allows students to learn and grow at their own pace. Students enrolled in our Blended Learning Program have access to optional field trips, workshops, and classes. Our students are also able to participate in district activities and events.

Program Highlights

  • Blended learning led by BC Certified Teachers
  • Students learn and grow at their own pace
  • Small multi-age classes: may look like K-2, 2-4, 4-6, 6-9
  • Access to district wide services and supports
  • One to two days weekly of instructional learning

Want to learn more?

Phone: 250-746-0277, email: