My First Day of Teaching


A newly graduated teacher shares his "My First Day of Teaching" story with us.

My First Day of Teaching

I’ve heard many times from seasoned educators that you never forget your first real day as a professional teacher, and in my case, this was true.

My story began on December 21, 2018 when my phone rang with the familiar tone that I had been eagerly anticipating. Today was my first day as one of SD 79’s newest TTOC’s (teacher teaching on call) and my first lesson was to expect the unexpected.

I soon learned that I was bound for Palsson Elementary, which seemed at the time to be a world apart from the secondary focused training I had received in University. I had not been in an elementary school since I myself was a child and I was understandably nervous.

I arrived early and eased my car onto the hard-packed snow of the lot, took a deep breath and made my way inside. As I made my way through hallways soaked in colour I was warmly greeted by the staff and shown to my room for the day. I steadied my nerves and awaited the arrival of my grade two class.

Today was a special day for the students of Palsson Elementary, winter break was only a day away and the excitement seemed to cling to the air. The students excitedly gathered in the hallway, shed their winter coats and filtered into the classroom. Among the first to arrive was a wonderful young student who led me by the hand on a tour of the classroom. The students all seemed so incredibly young and it was a somewhat surreal experience thinking that I could potentially teach them when they reach high school and I’m further along in my career.

We progressed through our lessons as normal until one student excitedly exclaimed that it was snowing! In an instant, the children flooded to the window and were overcome with joy. By lunch I had seen everything from laughter to tears and had felt my confidence in the classroom grow. Lunchtime was spent outside launching kids down the hill on their sleds through the freshly fallen snow.

I can only describe my experience on my first day as one of pure happiness, bliss and gratitude. Simply stated, it was a day that I will not soon forget.


Brayden Campbell
University of Victoria Graduate, 2017


First day teaching

Brayden pictured with Principal Fiona Somerville on his first day of teaching