Inclusive Education Month Marked by Tremendous Community Support


As we come to the end of Inclusive Education Month, we want to take the time to recognize exceptional community and staff support and the outpouring of donations that have made two remarkable additions to our school district possible.  

Over the past two months students with diverse needs within the Cowichan Valley School District have been the direct recipients of amazing tools that will positively impact their school experience. 

The first tools that were funded were two Trail Bikes through grants organized by community member, Anita Carroll. Variety, BC provided a $10,000 matching grant combined with $10,000 donations from local businesses, organizations and individuals. These adapted Trail Bikes provide inclusive access for students who are not physically able to access any number of our beautiful outdoor spaces throughout the Cowichan Valley. These bikes are one-wheel wonders that give students the freedom to enjoy various trails and outdoor experiences as an included member of many outings. The two bikes will be used throughout the district to provide this enhanced access.  

Our trail bikes were featured on the Variety Show of Hearts BC Telethon check out the spot on Global TV here: 

Additional inclusive tools are being purchased for Quamichan School. Again, a Variety BC matching grant, and generous donors from our community, made the purchase of nearly $10,000 worth of sensory equipment possible. Sensory equipment is specifically designed to support learners’ well-being and self-regulation. Having these resources accessible at Quamichan School will be a huge benefit to our students, especially those with diverse learning needs.  

Not only will these new tools help students across the district, the outpouring of support from the community shows what a caring and supportive place we live.  



Why Sensory Equipment?  

  • Sensory equipment can help all children as well as staff. If the classroom is too loud and noisy, it can be overstimulating for many people.  
  • At times children, who have ADHD, autism, anxiety, or depression, can sometimes be overstimulated by the noise of a classroom.  
  • The addition of sensory tools to help mitigate some of these overstimulated moments can be beneficial for many kids.  
  • For example, overhead fluorescent lights can be too bright and can provoke headaches. Putting a special light cover over these lights, softens the brightness in the classroom and can provide a calm setting for many people.  
  • Sensory equipment can provide a calm quiet, space for anybody who is feeling overwhelmed or overstimulated. And dealing with the stressors of school. 
  • While sensory equipment has been known to help children who are on the spectrum, or with ADHD, and other learning abilities, research has shown that these implements will help everybody. 
  • Changing the lighting, having beanbag chairs that help with proprioception, sling swings that give a hug like feeling once sitting in, can all help calm a nervous, agitated or frustrated energy.  
  • Some of the items ordered will help students with anxiety and other mental health stressors.  
  • Fidgets can help kiddos with ADHD to focus and concentrate. It helps to slow down a racing mind and hear what a teacher is saying. Doodling can also help with concentrating. 


The Cowichan Valley School District would like to specifically thank  

Variety BC for making these matching grants possible  

Anita Carroll for being the energy and driving force behind these successful grant applications 

And our donors for the Trail Bike Matching Grant:  

Tim Costin  

Corrine Thompson 

Cowichan Valley District Parent Advisory Council  

Sue & Greg Candy  

Cowichan Secondary School Parent Advisory Council  

CUPE Local 5101 

360 Super Techs Inc.  

Athena Maurer  

Devon Lawrence  

Judy Burnett 

Joseph Rhodes 

Murray McNab 

Duncan Lions Club  

Duncan Dairy Queen  

Derek Carroll  

Sinead Buckley  

Vlad Valastiak 

École Mount Prevost Elementary Parent Advisory Council  

Catherin & Lorne Gibbs 

Quamichan Snack Shack 


And the additional donors to the Quamichan Sensory Equipment Matching Grant:  

Quamichan School Parent Advisory Council  

Duncan Lions Club