K – 3 Learning at Home Numeracy Resources


How can we provide opportunities for home learning that may not require internet connectivity and include playful inquiry? How can we be sensitive to the needs and situations of all students and families?

Reminders from our District Continuity of Learning Plan

• 2 – 5 hours of learning opportunities per week, per student

• Do not overwhelm students / families

• Reminder ‘less is more’

SD 38 Numeracy Activities – developed by Janice Novakowski

Rio School District Activities – many good number sense activities curated by Fawn Nguyen and grouped into four weeks of activities at different grade levels. Grades are US so be sure to check against curriculum.

Pearson Investigation Games – K-5 online games

YouCubed at Home – many activities from Jo Boaler, the author of Mathematical Mindsets and her team at Stanford.

Talk With Our Kids About Money – Financial Literacy Resources

Figure This Family Activities – developed by NCTM

IM Talking Math – A document with photo prompts to help kids talk about Math

Math at Home – Many activities that promote numeracy that do not need to be printed.

Math Games from Carole Fullerton – A selection of easy to set up games that help with fluency.

Mathology Little Books from Pearson – a number of these books have been made available for free access.