General Learning at Home Numeracy Resources


A great thanks to the many districts and individuals that have shared their resources.

Reminders from our District Continuity of Learning Plan

• 2 – 5 hours of learning opportunities per week, per student

• Do not overwhelm students / families

• 1 – 2 hours per grade 10-12 course (instruction and task time)

• Reminder ‘less is more’

Rich, The Math Guy, Videos

Which One Doesn’t Belong


Counting Collections

Resources from BC Districts



Planning Ideas

Learning Mat Template from Abbotsford

Choice boards – link onelink two

The Ultimate Guide to Choice Boards and Learning Menus – by A.J. Juliani

Sample Choice Boards – you may wish to use these as a guide to create your own

Math 6

Math 7

Math 8


Other Resources

Numeracy Lab Videos – Coquitlam

Math Advice for Parents from Jo Boaler

Modelling E-Learning in Math

Virtual Manipulatives