Redeeming A Scholarship Voucher



Scholarship winners are mailed a congratulatory letter, certificate, and scholarship voucher in October of their high school graduation year. Students must redeem their vouchers within five years from September 30th of their high school graduation year, before the expiry date stated on the voucher.

A student may redeem a scholarship voucher by registering, attending, and paying tuition in a regular program (i.e. a program that leads to a credential) or an apprenticeship program at any post-secondary institution in the world that is accredited and designated (approved for Canada Student Loans by BC). To verify if an institution is designated, students can access the website at:

Scholarship vouchers may also be used to help pay for tuition for Apprenticeship Programs, Entry Level Trades Programs, and Foundation Industry Training Programs offered by designated post-secondary institutions. These are restricted to programs offered by public post-secondary institutions, and a limited number of other training providers who have been designated by the Industry Training Authority (ITA) to deliver specific programs. To verify if a scholarship can be redeemed for a particular apprenticeship program/school that is not listed in the Designated Schools Lookup database, check the ITA website for additional approved training providers at:

Note: Not all trades training programs offered in BC qualify; therefore, it is important for students to check the database if they wish to redeem their scholarships.

To redeem a voucher, a student must have it stamped and signed on the back by an official of the institution
or program to confirm that the student is registered and attending, and has paid tuition in a regular program (i.e., a program that leads to a credential). The signed voucher, with the student’s Social Insurance Number and current address, should be mailed by the student to the Ministry of Education address as stated on the voucher. The Ministry will mail a cheque directly to the student once the voucher has been processed. This takes approximately six to eight weeks.